You can access general settings in the submenu of the settings section in the left sidenav or by adding "/admin/tenant" to your Cohub domain in your browser's address bar.  

General Info:

  • Company Email. This email sends and receives emails about activities and performance of the company.  A list of system generated emails can be found here.
  • Company Phone. Used in communications to customers and vendors about how to contact you.
  • Company Fax. Used in communications to customers and vendors about how to contact you, i.e. email footers and packing slips
  • Timezone. Timezone is critical and represents the timezone that you want your data to be tracked and shown to your customers and vendors in. For example, daily revenue totals end at midnight using this timezone, and customer receipt emails are timestamped using this timezone.  
  • States you are required to collect sales tax in. The rules for sales tax collection vary from state to state. If you have a nexus in a state, you are required to remit sales tax. If you are unsure where you need to collect and remit tax, consult your accountant. Cohub determines appropriate combined tax rates and we determine which locations require you to charge tax on products, shipping, or both -- all based on shipping address zip code.
  • Fraud Risk Score Minimum Threshold. Cohub gives each sales order a fraud risk score using criteria collected from previous fraudulent activity. The score is a number from 1-10, and the higher the number, the more likely the order is to be fraud. We will mark any order that exceeds your minimum threshold as In Review so you can check it over before sending to fulfillment.  
  • Address. The address entered here is used in externally facing communications, such as sales order email receipts, packing slips, and purchase order acknowledgements.  
  • Sales Order Starting Order Number. If you're migrating from another system, or have a proprietary order numbering system you'd like to use in Cohub, enter the number you'd like the first Cohub order to have here, and we'll increment each subsequent order by 1.  
  • Abandoned Cart Option. If you'd like your e-commerce store to send abandoned cart notifications to shoppers after 24 hours, select this option.
  • Purchase Orders Sender Email. This is the email address you'd like purchasing notifications to come to/from, i.e. If no email address is entered here, purchase orders will be sent from the company email address entered above.  
  • Shipping Notification bcc recipients. Many customer review services such as TrustPilot and ResellerRatings ask that you bcc them on shipping confirmation emails so they can time their review requests appropriately. Enter those email addresses and anyone else you'd like to receive tracking emails here.  
  • Logo. Upload your company logo here. We'll resize it appropriately and use it in various places throughout the app, and on external facing communications to your customers.

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