Before you can accept credit card or Paypal payments from your customers, you need to set up your Merchant Accounts. You can use up to 2 merchant accounts at a given time - one for credit card payment processing, and Paypal to process Paypal transactions.  

To access your Merchant Account settings, click on "Merchant Accounts" section of the Settings menu.  

Cohub currently supports AlliedWallet,, beanstream, BluePay, Braintree, Paypal, Stripe, and Transfirst. If you use a different gateway, please contact us for compatibility.  

Setting up Stripe:
Log into your Stripe account, then click on "API" in the left menu bar. In the API Keys section, you will see a toggle for "Test" and "Live" credentials. Make sure "Live" is selected, then click the "Reveal live key token" button on the Secret Key row.

Enter your Secret live key token in the Stripe API Secret Key field in your Cohub Merchant Account form:

Setting up Paypal:

 ***TIP***  Paypal can be used to process both credit card and Paypal transactions, or just Paypal transactions.

Cohub uses Paypal Express Checkout in our checkout flow.  To add your Paypal account to Cohub, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Paypal and ask them to approve your account for "reference transactions". 
  2. Log into your Paypal account, then click on "Profile and Settings" in your Profile. 

3. Navigate to "My Selling Tools", then find the "API Access" section. Click "Update". 

4. You will be directed to a "Request API Crendentials" page. Select "Set up API credentials and permissions" under Option 1 - Paypal API.

5. Click "Manage API Credentials" under the NVP/SOAP Integration (Classic) section.

6. Retrieve your API Username, API Password, and Signature from this section and enter them in your Cohub Merchant Account form. In Cohub's "Mode" field, write the word "signature" (with a lowercase "s").

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