A vendor is anywhere your company buys its products. This can be a company or an individual party.

Once a vendor has been added to your company in Cohub, it can be set as the primary vendor for a product (usually the vendor where you buy it the most). This doesn't mean you always have to buy it from the vendor selected, but when Cohub automatically generates purchase orders for that product, this vendor will be assigned by default. You can always change this on a PO before it is placed. 

Add A Vendor

To add a vendor, select "Vendors" from the "Settings" menu on the left-hand navigation bar, then click the "New Vendor" button at the top left of the Vendors page.

  • Contact Info and Address: Fill out all the basic info: the vendor's name, an internal reference number if needed (usually for accounting purposes), your contact's email address and phone number, and the company's address information. The email address entered here is where POs for the vendor will be automatically sent.
  • Shipping: Here you can set a default shipping method, account number, and the dollar amount at which you receive free shipping from the vendor (if applicable). All of this information will automatically be filled in on generated POs, but again, you can change any of it when/if necessary.
  • Purchasing Info: This is where you can enter the vendor's website URL, and a username and password if you have a login for that site. This information is for internal employee reference only, and passwords entered here are not secure. You can also enter that vendor's minimum order amount requirement, if one exists.

Vendor Page Attributes

  • General Info: Here you see all the basic information you entered when creating the vendor, all of which can be edited/updated at any time. On this tab you can also add any other custom notes that may be pertinent to the vendor.
  • Purchase Orders: View all POs placed with this vendor and their current status.
  • Products: A list of all the products that have this set as their primary Vendor.
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