After you have set up your Carrier Accounts, it's time to decide which service levels you'd like to offer your shoppers to choose when ordering from you. Every service level, such as Ground, 2-Day, Next Day Air, etc. that is available from your carrier is accessible through Cohub.  

To set them up, click on Shipping Methods in the Shipping submenu of Settings:

When creating a new Shipping Method, you need to give it a name. This is the name that will display in e-commerce checkout and in the admin when placing orders for customers. The Delivery Time will also display in checkout, e.g. "2-7 Business Days".  

You can set Shipping Methods to only be available for orders that fall within a defined weight range. For example, if you only want to offer Fedex Overnight shipping on orders that are less than 30 lbs, you can set the Weight max to 30 in Cohub, and Fedex Overnight will only display for orders that are 30 lbs or less.  

Rate Calculations:

When setting up a Shipping Method, you can use a Manual Rate Calculation, or Real-Time Rate Calculation.  

Manual Rate Calculations use the price you enter in the "Price" field as the Shipping Price, no matter what. If you offer courier services for $20, or Flat-Rate $5 shipping on all orders, then you would use a Manual Rate.  

Real-Time Rate Calculations use the rate returned from the selected Carrier account and Service level to determine the price. If your Fedex Ground rate is $6.50 for a 10-pound order, then a Real-Time Shipping Rate would return $6.50 on 10-pound order. When using Real-Time Shipping rates, you have the option of marking up the carrier rate by using the Price Formula field.  If using a Price Formula, you can use 'rate' and 'weight' as variables.  


Code and Color:

The Code and Color attributes are used on the Shipping Board to help prioritize shipments according to Shipping Method. For example, Expedited Shipping Methods can have a code of E and Color of #FF0B0B (red) to catch the eye of the fulfillment person packaging and shipping out orders.



Shipping Method conditions allow you to set criteria for situations you want the method to show up for. For example, you could set a Manual "Free Shipping" Rate with a price of $0.00 and set the conditions to only apply to orders with subtotals greater than $75.00. That will allow you to offer Free Shipping to orders greater than $75.  

These following attributes can be used to create a condition:

  • Number of Items
  • Subtotal
  • Order Discounted?
  • Ship-To Country
  • Ship-To State
  • Ship-To Postal Code
  • Order Origin
  • Shipping Cost
  • Location
  • Tax
  • Sales Order Item Categories
  • Brand
  • Item Quantity
  • Product ID
  • Variant ID
  • Variant on Sale
  • Variant on Clearance

Conditions can be used in conjunction with each other in an AND relationship. For example, you could offer Free Shipping if an order has 3 sales order items AND the Brand = Cohub. We do not currently support OR relationships between Conditions.  

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