Categories are used to organize products together on your e-commerce site based on similar attributes. For example, Pants make a great category if you sell multiple styles, sizes, and colors of pants. Your online shoppers can view all of the pants you carry in the color and size they are looking for by visiting your Pants category.

Categories can have child (nested) categories, and items in Categories can be sorted in e-commerce by:  Newest First, Oldest First, Price - Low to High, Price - High to Low, Alphabetically - A to Z, or Alphabetically - Z to A.  

To add a new Category, go to the Categories submenu of the Products section in the left sidenav:  

There are two types of Categories you can add: Root or Child Categories. If you need to add a new Root Category, click the "New Root Category" button. If you need to add a Child Category, click the small plus sign next to an existing Category.  

Your Category name will display on your e-commerce site as entered, and the Category description and image can optionally be displayed on your site as well.  

There are two options for viewing the products in your Category: Grid View and List View. To toggle between the two, click either the List or Grid icon in the upper right corner of the Category pane.


SEO Title and Description:

A Category's SEO Title and SEO Description gets sent to Search Engines as the Page Title and Page Description, which are used to describe your Category in search results.


Adding and Removing Products:

You can add Products to a Category in two ways: from the Product page, or from the Category page. If you are on the Product page and want to assign it to a Category, click the Categories tab, search for the Category you'd like to add the Product to, and click "Add to Category". You can put a product in as many categories as you'd like. A product can also be removed from a category here by clicking the red "Remove from Category" button.

It works well to add and remove products by using the Category page if you need to add and remove several at once. Removing is pretty clear: click the red "Remove" button on the item you wish to remove. To add products, click the green "Add Product" button in the upper right corner of the Category pane. You'll be presented with a search bar that lets you search all your products. If you come across a result that has already been added to the Category, you'll see a message that says "Already In Category". Otherwise, you'll see a green "Add" button.  


Positioning Products:

After products are added to a category, you can position them in the order you'd like them to display in e-commerce. 

If you are using the Category Grid View, click and drag the move icon on a product's box and move it to it's desired position. Make sure you "Save Positioning" at the top of the page to commit your positions.

If you are using the Category's List View, hovering over an item in the list will present you with the move icon. Drag and drop the items in the order you'd like, then click the "Save Positioning" button to commit your positions.


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