Product Types are used to give your shoppers filters on your e-commerce site. Cohub e-commerce filters are available on any page that has a group of products: Collections, Categories, or Search Results.  

A Product Type can have multiple Properties, and a Property has Values that become the filterable options. Here's an example: a laptop might have a Product Type of Computers. Computers might have a Property of Style, with Suggested Values of laptop, desktop, and tablet. When creating the new laptop product, you assign it a Product Type of Computers, and select laptop as it's style. When your shoppers want to see all laptops in an e-commerce category, collection, or search, they can now narrow results to see laptops only.

A Product Type can have as many Properties as you'd like, and the Properties and Values can be changed for a Product at any time.

We advise that you keep your Product Types as broad as possible. In the above laptop example, the Product Type could have been Laptops, with style, speed, and memory as Properties. But, as a store manager, you would then have to add style, speed, and memory as Properties for desktop computers and laptops, too. As far as e-commerce shopping goes, customers will be able to navigate to the options they need either way, but it's more efficient for store managers to keep Product Types general.


Creating a Product Type:

To create a new Product Type, go to the Products section of the Settings menu.

Click the "New Product Type" button, and give your Product Type a name, Properties, and Values for those Properties. Save when finished.

Edit a Product to apply a Product Type to it. In the Product Type menu of the edit screen, choose a Product Type. The Properties and Values you entered will populate, and you can choose the appropriate Value for the Product you are working with. Save the product.

Now, filters will be available on your e-commerce site for the Properties that have been set up in your Product Types:

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