Product Collections, like Product Categories, are used to group Products together on your e-commerce site. Unlike Categories, these Products don't necessarily have similar attributes, they are just any group of products you wish to display together for marketing purposes. For example, a seasonal sale or a group of featured products to display on your homepage. Another difference from Categories is that Collections cannot be nested underneath other Collections. They are simply a flat way to group products. Collections don’t have filters, but they do have a landing page at /collections/{{ collection_name }}.

Adding a New Collection

To create a new Collection, go to the Collections submenu of the Products section in the left side navigation bar: 

Click the "New Collection" button, enter the name and a description of the Collection, upload any images, and click save!

Adding and Removing Products

You can add a product to a collection from the product or from the Collection.

On the product itself, navigate to the "Collections" tab and select the desired Collection from the dropdown menu and click "Add to Collection". You can add a product to as many Collections as you want. To remove a product from a Collection, simply click the red "x" button next to the Collection's name.

From the Collection page, select "Add Product" and search for the product(s) you would like to add in the modal that appears, and click the green "Add" button on the appropriate products. After you are done searching/adding products, click the "x" in the corner to close the search modal. To remove a product, click the red "Remove" button on that product and "Confirm" to complete.

Organizing Products

There are two options for viewing the products in your Collection:  Grid View and List View. To toggle between the two, click either the List or Grid icon in the upper right corner of the Category pane.

In either view, you can reposition the products to change the order in which they display within the Collection. In List View, hovering over an item in the list will present you with the move icon. In Grid View, click and drag the move icon on a product's box and move it to it's desired position. Drag and drop the items in the order you'd like. Just don't forget to click "Save Positioning" at the top afterwards!

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