Once a Purchase Order has been placed and the items you ordered arrive, you will need to Receive the products on their PO in Cohub. Receiving will automatically increase inventory of the products.

To add a receipt, go to the PO and click "Add Receipt" towards the bottom of the page.

Cohub will automatically add all items on the PO to the receipt, and the quantity will match the Quantity Left to Receive (Quantity Left to Receive = Quantity Ordered - Quantity previously received). If you have physically received a partial shipment, too many of something, or some other situation in which the quantities do not match the PO, all of these products and quantities can be adjusted manually.

You can change a product on the receipt by selecting a different one from the drop down menu, or add another product by clicking the green "Add Item" button towards the bottom of the receipt. You can change the Location at the top, but be very careful when doing so--this is the location for which inventory will be adjusted. The location defaults to the location for which the PO was placed. You can adjust the quantity received in the box on the right, or remove a product from the receipt by clicking the red "x" next to it. At the top, you can add a Bill to the receipt if you have already entered one on the PO (more on Bills here).

When finished, click the purple "Save Receipt" button at the bottom and you're all set! All of the inventories for the products received will increase by the quantity on the receipt, in the location designated. The PO will reflect the quantity received, and update the Quantity to Receive for each Product.

Each Receipt on the PO shows a Received Date and a Value, for easy comparison when attaching Bills. Once all items on a Purchase Order have been added to a Receipt, its status will change to "Completed". However, a Receipt can be edited at any time.

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