When you need to move inventory from one Location to another, create an Inventory Transfer. Inventory Transfers have a From Location and a To Location, and can be in "pending", "sent", or "received" states. A pending Inventory Transfer is a draft. When you have finished the transfer and are ready to send the items from the From Location, the state transitions to "Sent" and inventory is removed. When the items get Received at the To Location, the state transitions to "Received" and inventory gets added.

To create an Inventory Transfer, go to the Inventory Transfers menu under Settings.

Click the New Inventory Transfer button, and select your From Location, To Location, and the items you are transferring. When you're done selecting items, Save at the bottom of the page.  

The Inventory Transfer is now in a pending state. This allows you time to gather up your items and prepare them for shipment. When you're ready to send them, click the double arrow in the upper right hand corner of the transfer, and click "Send".  

This changes the state of the Inventory Transfer to "Sent", and creates a Shipment to be sent to the To Location. Inventory gets removed from the From Location when the Transfer is "Sent". You will also need to mark the Inventory Transfer Shipment shipped - just as if it was a regular Shipment - to move it off your board. Inventory will not be removed twice.

When the items are received at the From Location, change the state of the Transfer from "Sent" to "Received".  

When the Transfer transitions to a state of "Received", inventory gets added to the To Location.  

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