Cohub uses advanced search algorithms to deliver the results you are looking for across different segments of the application. Depending on your numbering system, Shipment numbers, Purchase Order numbers, and Sales Order numbers can be very similar. So when searching '123456' in global search, you might get results for all 3.  If you know you're looking for a particular type of record, and you know the number you need, you can use our Search Shortcuts.

Here's a list of available search shortcuts:

  • Shipment Search:   's + shipment number' 
  • Purchase Order Search: 'po + po number'
  • Sales Order Search: 'so + sales order number' 
  • Product Search: 'p + product number search'
  • Product Variant Search: 'pv + product variant search'

To use them, just type them in the global search bar in the upper right corner of the admin screen:

If you specify a particular type of document with a shortcut, it will take you straight to that document. For example, the above search returned the following result:

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