Negotiated pricing allows you to set customer specific pricing on any product you sell. When a customer sees that product on your website, they’ll see the the normal price. When they order, they’ll get their negotiated price viewable in their cart.


Setting up Negotiated Prices:

To set up negotiated pricing for a Customer, you must first enable the privilege on their profile:

Then, go the Negotiated Pricing tab of the Customer, and search for the items you'd like to offer a special price on. You must enter a quantity tier for the price you'd like to offer. This comes in handy if you only want the discount to apply on certain quantities (i.e. 10 or more). It also gives you the ability to be as granular as you want with your discounting. A Customer can have multiple Negotiated Prices for the same item at different quantities. If they buy 10 -20, they could save 10%. If they buy 20 or more, they could save 25%.  

To see all of the items a Customer has Negotiated Prices for, visit the Negotiated Pricing tab of their page. You can filter the list of products by category or brand. This comes in handy if you have Customers that have many negotiated prices and you need to find one quickly.  


If you've applied a negotiated price to a customer, and it's not showing up on their orders, check a few things:

  1. Is the privilege enabled for the Customer?
  2. If it's not showing up on your website, make sure the HTML markup is referencing the correct price attribute.  
  3. Is there a better price out there for the item? When a Customer orders from you, they will always get the "best price" you are offering. This means that if the item is On Sale for a lower price than a negotiated price, the customer will get the sale price.  

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