Group pricing allows you to offer discounts to a group of Customers on any product you sell.  

For example, if you offer all wholesalers 50% off your retail price, you can:

  1. Set up a Pricing Group called "Wholesale"
  2. Add all eligible products to the group with their discounted price
  3. Assign any Customers you have that are wholesalers to the pricing group.

Now, any time a wholesaler places an order, they will automatically get their Group Prices.

Creating a Pricing Group:

Click on the Pricing Groups link under the Customers icon in the left sidebar.

On the Pricing Groups Dashboard, click "New Pricing Group" and give it a name:

From the Pricing Group page, you can add the Customers you'd like to eligible, and the products you'd like to offer discounts on.  

Both the Add Customer and Add Group Price buttons bring up search windows that allow you to add either Customers or Products to your group. Group Prices can be tiered so that they only apply to a range of quantities, similar to Negotiated Prices



If you've applied a pricing group to a customer, and it's not showing up on their orders, check a few things:

  1. Is the pricing group applied to the Customer?
  2. If it's not showing up on your website, make sure the HTML markup is referencing the correct price attribute.  
  3. Is there a better price for the item? When a Customer orders from you, they will always get the "best price" you are offering. This means that if the Customer has a lower negotiated price than group price, the customer will get the negotiated price.  
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