When shoppers put items in their e-commerce cart, but leave your site without completing the purchase, you've got an abandoned cart. Cohub offers some helpful features to re-engage your online cart abandoners.  

Technically speaking, an abandoned cart is a pending e-commerce order that was last updated 24 hours ago or more. If the shopper hasn't interacted with their order in 24 hours, then we assume they've moved on. All hope is not lost! You've got a lot of insights to gain from these abandoned carts.

To find a list of your most recently abandoned carts, visit the Sales Order Dashboard and look for the Abandoned Carts widget. You'll see them listed there in descending order of their abandoned time.  

If you click on the blue link text that says "Abandoned Cart", it will take you to the order. When looking over the order, ask yourself questions like: "Did the shopper make it far enough to get shipping rates?", "Are the shipping rates high?", "Is this item in stock?", "How does my price compare to my competitors' prices?"  


Abandoned Cart Emails:

If you review an abandoned cart and determine that you'd like to follow up with an email, click the small mail icon to the right of the order in the abandoned carts widget or the mail icon in the upper right of the abandoned cart page:

The email can be previewed in your Store's active Theme. It can be edited there before you email it to the customer if you'd like to send a custom message.

Alternatively, you can set up a standardized abandoned cart email that automatically goes out to all Abandoned Carts. Make sure your email template is accommodating for a broad audience. Once you're sure you're ready to send them out, enable your Store to Send Abandoned Cart Emails:

If your Store is configured to send Abandoned Cart emails, we will check for new abandoned carts every 15 minutes and send them an email. Remember, a cart gets marked abandoned after 24 hours, so if Cohub finds a new abandoned cart today at noon, that means the last time the shopper updated their cart was yesterday at noon.  

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