If a Sales Order was paid for with a credit card (or PayPal, if your company offers the option), there will be a list of all transactions that occurred during the life of the Sales Order near the bottom of the Sales Order page.

The first transaction will be a "Verification" transaction, which occurs at the time a Sales Order is placed.  Verifying a card means we check to see if it is chargeable and available for purchases.  Verification is done by authorizing for the smallest amount the merchant will allow (sometimes $0 is allowed), and then immediately voiding the authorization.  Note:  A Verification transaction does not ensure that full funds are available on the card - only that the card is chargeable and available for purchases.

When any of the Products on the order have been packed up and marked Ready to Ship or Shipped, Cohub charges for the entire balance of the order. If the Capture is successful, a "Purchase" transaction and the amount charged will show in the transactions table.

If the Capture is unsuccessful, an alert message will display along with an error code from PayPal or your card processor. These error codes will vary depending upon what service you use for card processing, but you should be able to find a list and explanation of all their error codes on their website, or by searching online. These transactions will also appear on the Sales Order under Transactions in red.

If any Refunds have been issued, each of these transactions and the amount refunded will appear in the list on the order page.

Each Transaction is assigned an internal Cohub id number, and will show the date and time the transaction occurred. They will also have a Gateway id associated, which is the reference number assigned to that transaction by your processor. 

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