Once created, whether manually or automatically via Cohub, a shipment goes through many steps on its way from shelf to Customer.

In an ideal situation, a Sales Order would be placed, a Shipment will automatically be created for the best suited Location and appear on the "Pending" shipments board. The items would then be pulled and packed, a Package (or Packages) would be added to the Shipment, and it would be marked "Ready to Pickup" or "Ready to Ship". When it leaves your company, it would be marked "Picked Up" or "Shipped" and completed. However, things are sometimes a bit more complicated--let's take a look at all the possible states in which a Shipment can exist.



A shipment that has been created, and for which all items are in stock, will be queued to the Location best suited to fulfill the order on the shipping board as a "Pending" shipment. These shipments are ready to be picked and packaged, have Packages attached to them in Cohub, and then to move onto their next State.


An existing shipment can be placed on hold for any reason your company may need to delay shipping the order. The shipment will hang out on the "Holding" board until you manually move it to Ready to Ship, Awaiting Stock, Drop Shipping, reset it to Pending, or Ship it.

If there is a specific date the shipment needs to reset to the Pending state and shipped out, you can select a "Hold Until" Date.

Awaiting Stock

A shipment will automatically queue to the Awaiting Stock board if none of your Locations have enough Inventory to fulfill the Shipment completely. From there you can decide to split the shipment between Locations and reset to Pending, send to Drop Shipping, or wait and when stock at the Shipment's Location increases to sufficient inventory, the shipment will automatically queue back to the Pending Shipments board for that Location.  It's wise to dedicate a person to review the Awaiting Stock board to make sure the shipments get resolved in a timely manner.

Ready for Pickup

A Shipment for a Pickup order that has been picked and prepared should be marked as "Ready for Pickup" from the Pending board, and will move to this state and alert your customer the order is ready.  Cohub alerts the customer by email, and also by text message if the shopper elected to have one sent at the time they placed their order.  

When the Shipment is marked "Ready for Pickup",  the Location Inventory decreases per the Products on the Shipment. Once picked up, select the Picked Up button and the Shipment will move the "Shipped" state.  This completes the order.

Drop Shipping

You may decide to drop ship an order to a Customer. This may be for items you don't keep in stock, if you don't want to deplete your inventory, or the Vendor/Manufacturer is closer to the destination. Whatever the reason, you can send a shipment to Drop Shipping from Pending, Holding, or Awaiting Stock, and then place a Drop Ship PO.

Ready to Ship

When a Shipment has been pulled from the shelves and packed up, and all packages have been added, you can click the "Ready to Ship" button, which is the state for a Shipment that is ready for the carrier to come pick up, but hasn't actually left your company's Location yet. At this point, payment for the Sales Order will be captured (if applicable) and your Inventory will be automatically adjusted. After all your carriers at a Location have picked for the day, select "Ship Awaiting Carrier" from the tools menu (wrench icon) for that Location's shipping board. All shipments in the "Ready to Ship" state will then move over to "Shipped".


The state for a completed Shipment - it's been picked, packaged, labelled, picked up by the carrier, and is no longer in your Location. Once all shipments on a Sales Order have reached the Shipped state, the Sales Order will be marked Complete, and no further edits can be made.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Suppose a Customer places an order for 10 Blue Marbles, but you do not have one Location with enough stock.  Cohub will try to create a Shipment for the Location best geographically suited to reach the Shipping Address, but that Location (let's call it Location One) has only 6 in Inventory, so it will queue to Awaiting Stock. You have another Location with 5 marbles in stock (for our purposes here, Location Two).

From here, you have many options of how to proceed:

Scenario 1
Create a split shipment for the Order for each Location. You can edit the original Shipment for the 6 Location One has in stock and create a new shipment for 4 from Location Two (or 5 from each). These shipments should then automatically reset to Pending for the correct Locations.

Scenario 2
Drop Ship all 10 Blue Marbles from your marble Vendor, and still have only one Shipment for the order. On the Awaiting Stock page, you would send to Drop Shipping and then create a Drop Ship PO for all 10.

Scenario 3
Create a PO to order in more Blue Marbles for Location One. Once they have arrived and been received in Cohub, and Inventory has increased to 10 or more for that Location, the Shipment will reset to Pending. This will happen automatically (the system runs a job that checks for this every 10 minutes), or can be pushed manually.

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