The Product Profit Margin is a handy tool for viewing your profit margin on a selection of Products, and for quickly adjusting costs or prices when necessary.

You can find the Product Profit Margin (PPM) tool under the Tools menu on the Products page. Click Products on the side navigation bar, and Products again on the sub menu to get to that page, and then the wrench icon on the top right.

From there, you can filter a PPM report by Brand and/or Category, and choose to display 25, 50, 100, or 200 items per page in the results.

The PPM will then show you your Net Cost, the Price at which you are currently selling, the Sale Price if applicable, the Ideal Margin, and the Current Margin. The report will also show your current Inventory total, and will give you the complete breakdown for each Location if you hover the mouse over that number.

From the product profit margin you can edit the Cost, Price, Sale Price, toggle a product to be On sale, Ideal Margin, Net Cost formula, and/or Tiered Pricing. Simply click the orange "Edit" button next to the product you need to change, and when you're finished, click "Save".

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