Your Cohub Store is where you set up an e-commerce website. When you create a new Cohub account, a store with default settings is automatically created for you. Even if you don't intend to sell your products in e-commerce, having a Store allows you to perform other important functions like import orders from an Amazon seller account and/or send a product feed to Google.

A default Theme, or website design, comes with the Store. Cohub creates a default domain for the store by using your account subdomain.  

Checkout Settings:

Allow Pickup? Set to true if you allow your online shoppers to place their orders and come pick them up at one of your Locations.
Allow Pay on Pickup? Set to true if you allow online shoppers to pay for their orders when they come to pick them up.  
Allow Shipping On Customer Accounts? Set to true if you allow online shoppers to put shipping charges on their own Carrier Accounts.
Send Abandoned Cart Emails? Set to true if you want to automatically send abandoned cart emails.  


Homepage Title: The content of the title tag that gets sent to search engines to let them know what the page is about.
Homepage Description: The content of the meta tag named "description" that gets sent to search engines to tell them a bit more about the page.

Google Feed Enabled?  

Set to true if you want Cohub to publish a file to a public url that Google can fetch and use for your Google Product Feed for Adwords Product Listing Ads. 


If you have forms on your website that are susceptible to bots or spammers (such as a mailing list signup form or a product review form), and you'd like to add a layer of validation before the form can be submitted, Cohub supports Google's ReCaptcha. Here's a guide to setting up ReCaptcha in your Store.

Password Protection:

If your store is in development and you don't want the public to be able to discover it, you can password protect it using the Password Protection section. When using this feature, we do not request a username, so you can leave that field blank if the browser asks for one.

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