After you have your Blog and Authors set up, it's time to start writing Blog Posts!

To create a new post, go to your Blog page, and click "New Post".

Give your Post a Title, and select an Author from the list you have set up. It's best to leave the Published toggle off until you are ready for the world to read your Post material. You can assign the Post to a category in the Blog Categories section.

Excerpts and Content:

A Post excerpt can be used to provide a brief description of Post Content. This is most helpful for Blog designs that show all posts on one list page. When readers are scrolling through the list of Posts, you can provide them with a short teaser to help them decide which Post they are looking for. Both Excerpts and Content can be formatted with Cohub's rich text editor.

When you save your Post, it's automatically put in a Draft, or Pending, state.  

To Publish your post, open up the edit screen and toggle the Published option on.


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