Cohub provides several built in reporting tools, each of which can be generated and then exported as a .csv or .xlsx file.

Report can be found by clicking "Reports" on the lefthand nav bar.

Click below for more information on how each Report works.

Sales Report
Reveals your company's sales over a period of time.

Returns Report
Reveals your company's returns over a period of time.

Tax Report
Outlines the amount of tax your company has collected over a period of time, accounting for sales, returns, and RMAs.

Customer Report
Generates your company's customer list.

Items Sold Report
Displays the items that have sold over a period of time.

Inventory Report
Shows you exactly what Inventory is on hand in each of your company's Locations.

RMA Report
Lays out all RMAs created over a period of time.

Searches Report
Shows all searches that have been performed for a specific storefront.

GSA Sales Report
Displays GSA Sales over a specified date range.

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