The Sales Report will show you your Sales Orders and Totals for a specified period of time. It defaults to today's date, but you can pick any Start Date and End Date needed. You can also filter by the following:

Status: Completed, Placed, and/or Cancelled Sales Orders

Origin: Was it placed in Admin? On your Ecommerce site? Did it come from Amazon or your Retail store?

Location: See all Sales Orders only from specified Locations for your Company

Placing User: See only orders placed by one or more identified Cohub Users

Brand: See all orders for one or more specified Product Brand

Payment Type: Credit Card, Invoice, Cash, Check, PayPal, Manual Collection, and/or Pay on Pickup

You can also choose to view only Pickup orders, or only orders with Discounted items/prices.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After all desired filters and options have been selected, click Submit. You can peruse the results in Cohub, or export the report as a CSV or Excel file to view and edit in your external software.

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