You can use the Items Sold Report to how many Products you have sold over a set period of time. You can choose a Start Date and End Date for Sales Orders you wish to see. You can also filter by the Brand, Vendor, Order State (Placed or Completed), Order Origin (Ecommerce, Amazon, Retail, or Admin), Company Location, or Product Category. You can also choose to view only Discounted items or only Pickup Orders.

Using the provided parameters lets you personalize the Report to fit your needs. Say you wanted to see how many products of a particular Brand were picked up at one of your Locations last year. You would set the Start Date to January 1st of that year, the End Date to December 31st, select that Brand and Location, select Completed for Order State, and check the box marked Only Include Pickup.

Once all your desired specifications have been set, you can click Submit to create the Report. Cohub will display the results for you, or you can export as a CSV or Excel file to view and share it externally.

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