When creating an account in Cohub, an e-commerce Store is set up for you automatically. The design of your e-commerce is handled with our Themes. Cohub uses Liquid variables to interact with data in the admin, such as Sales Order numbers or Customer names.

Store Pages are for any e-commerce landing page you'd like to set up that is not included in the Templates folder of a theme. Pages are perfect for Articles, How-Tos, Press Releases, etc. 

When migrating a site, or deactivating products, Redirects are essential to maintain healthy SEO rankings. Redirects can easily be set up in the Store section.

DNS records can be managed by the provider of your choice, (i.e. GoDaddy, DNsimple, Bluehost). When your site design is complete and it's time to point your registered domain to Cohub servers, use our Domains section to add the domain to Cohub and generate a (free!) SSL certificate.

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