The searches report can be used to see what visitors to your website Ecommerce storefront have been searching for. This may be useful to make sure that users are able to find the items they want, or to see if there is anything they are searching for that is not on your site and maybe should be. If there are any common typos or misspellings you notice, you may want to add them to the Additional Search Terms on a Product.

Pick a Start Date and End Date range for which you want to view Searches for your Store. You can also enter any IP addresses you wish to exclude (possibly of any of your offices, so you aren't seeing what your employees are searching for internally). Click Submit with done to generate the report.

The report will show you the term that was searched for, how many results the user got, their IP address, and the date/time the search was performed.

You can browse right there in Cohub, or export as a CSV or Excel file to be able to view, sort, and edit the results in external software.

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