A Store Page is for any e-commerce landing page you'd like to set up that is not included in the Templates folder of a theme. Pages are perfect for Articles, How-Tos, Press Releases, etc. 

To add a new Page, go to Stores --> Pages.  

A Page has a Title, Description, customizable URL, and Content that can be edited using Cohub's rich text editor. The Page Title and Description are sent to search engines as the <title> tag and meta description tag content. The URL path can be customized at any point. If you want to work on a draft of a page before publishing, uncheck the "Published" box during drafting. When you're ready to Publish, re-check the box and save!

If you have a page that you'd like to include on your site, but you don't want search engines to add them to their list of pages to crawl, select the "No Index" checkbox. This adds 

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

 to the <head> tag of your page.  

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