It's simple to point your registered domain to Cohub servers.  

Log in to your account with your DNS service provider (i.e. GoDaddy, DNsimple, Bluehost) and find the domain you'd like to transfer. From the domain name's management page, add an A record, and point it to the IP address listed in the Domains section of your Cohub account:

After you've successfully pointed your domain to the IP address in your Cohub account, use the form on the left side of the Domains page in Cohub to add the domain:

After you've added the domain, we will automatically authorize and fetch an SSL certificate and install it for you. The process can take several minutes. You can view the progress on the left side of the page next to your new domain.

You can add A records and point to Cohub for as many domains as you'd like, but there needs to be one domain that is assigned as "Primary". The Primary Domain is the one that will be used to access the admin portal as well as the ecommerce site. You can assign a Primary domain when it's status says Ready.

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