To create a promo code, go to Products > Promo Codes in the settings menu:

Click "New Promo Code", and you will see this form:

  • Code - the code you'd like to advertise, (i.e. "FREESHIP50")
  • Available On - The date you'd like this promo to start
  • Ending On - The expiration date of the promo
  • Applies To - Select Order or Item, depending on the type of offer it is
  • Discount Type - Percent or Dollar Off
  • Discount Amount - The dollar or percent value the discount should be
  • Stackable? If selected, this promo can be used along with other stackable codes
  • Limit One Use Per Customer? If selected, a customer must be logged in to an account to use the code, and it can only be used once.  
  • Conditions - If this promo code should only be available if certain criteria are met, you can define those requirements here.  

When you're all done, click Save!

The promo code will activate on it's Available On date.

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