You can configure your website to allow your shoppers to subscribe to any products that are available for subscriptions.  

The most common implementation is to add a Subscribe button to your theme when a product has been marked as available for subscriptions:

Admin View:

Website View:

  1. When your online shopper clicks the Subscribe button, a modal opens up prompting them to sign in or create an account:

    2. Once the shoppers is logged in, they can configure the subscription quantity and interval:

   3.  Your shopper confirms the subscription shipping address:

   4.  Your shopper enters credit card information:

5.  Cohub validates the credit card and if approved, your shopper is presented with a confirmation screen:


When the subscription modal is closed, a javascript event is dispatched detailing whether or not a product was subscribed to, if the customer logged in while subscribing, and what variant (if any) was subscribed to. You can add an event listener to your website to respond to this event:

document.addEventListener('cohubSubscriptionModalClosed', function(evt) {

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