Debits to a customer's account can be made in the form of either an invoice or a debit memo.

A customer's account balance will increase by the amount of any debit memo or invoice applied to it. Each debit tracks an open balance and can be "closed" by applying  a credit transaction (an Invoice Payment or Credit Memo, or portions thereof) to it.  Debit memos are typically used for adjustment purposes (i.e. bank service charges that need to be charged to customer).

Adding Debit Memos

A debit memo can be created by selecting "Add Debit Memo" on the customer's account page.

The amount and a text description for the account adjustment must be provided to create the debit memo.


A customer can be invoiced for any good or service provided to them. Sales Orders that are paid via "Invoice" can automatically generate an invoice when they are marked as completed. Every invoice will also debit the total account balance.

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