Cohub allows you to create payment terms that can be applied to all invoices by default, per customer, or per invoice.

A term is comprised of a number of days, combined with a series of late payment penalties and early payment discounts. The due date on the invoice will be determined by the number of days set on these payment terms. For example, NET 15 invoice terms would be due 15 days past the invoice date.

To add new invoice terms, go to Settings ---> Customers ---> Terms in the side menu and click the "Add Terms" button at the top of the page.

Here you name the term, set the number of days for the new term, and designate any early payment discounts or late payment penalties.

You can also select the box next to "Use these terms as the default?" to make this option the default Terms for your company's invoices.

Setting Up Terms for a Customer

Terms can be defined for each invoice eligible customer within the section labeled "Account Settings". This can be done either when setting up a customer, or later by clicking "edit" on the customer page. 

The company's default terms will be applied to a customer's invoice unless other terms are selected in their account here.


If an invoice has not been paid by its due date, it becomes past due and will appear on your Customer Aging Report.

If there is a late payment penalty or early payment discount set up for a Term, that amount will automatically be calculated and added to the invoice by Cohub.

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