If you have special wholesale pricing, products, and/or shipping methods for wholesale customers, you can set them up to access these items in Cohub.

To start, you would create a Customer as usual, but make sure to check the "Wholesale" box for these customers. This is what will allow them to see any special wholesale products/pages and shipping methods. 

You can also set up a Wholesale Pricing Group and add the customer to this group to enable special wholesale pricing on existing products.

To equip any special wholesale-specific shipping methods, you would create a Shipping Method as you normally would, and then add a Condition so that only Customers for whom the "Wholesale Customer?" value is true would be able to see these shipping methods when checking out.

For online Wholesale checkout, you would have a special Wholesale page/order form built on your eCommerce site. It can be coded so that only customers with the "Wholesale" tag will be able to access this link, and these customers will be redirected there automatically (so they never see the normal eCommerce site/non-wholesale products). You can display all Wholesale products on this page by adding them to the Wholesale Sales Channel and the Wholesale Customer will be able to add them to a cart and checkout as usual.

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