• Go to the page of the Customer you are adding the payment for.
  • Click the "Account" tab.
  • Click “Add Payment” at the top.
  • Choose your payment method: credit card, cash, check, ACH, or Manual. If credit card is selected, you will be able to use a saved credit from from the Customer's Wallet or enter a new card's information. If check, you can enter the check number. For ACH, you will get a field to enter the confirmation number. For Manual and Cash, you can enter any additional details on the line below.
  • If necessary, you can adjust the payment's date (i.e., to the date on a check). By default it will be set to today's date.
  • Enter the total payment amount in the Total Amount box. Once entered, your Balance at the very bottom will update to reflect this amount.
  • All open debit transactions will be displayed on the modal, and you can allocate either the full payment or any partial amount to these open debits.
  • There are two methods for adding the amount you wish to apply to an open debit transaction. When using either method your available balance should update and reflect the remaining balance on the payment. Option 1 is to manually type in the amount you wish to allocate in the “Amount to Pay” column. Option 2 is to press the gray box that is showing the open balance on that particular debit. Using this option will autofill the amount to pay box with the full open balance of that particular transaction.
  • Ideally, when the payment is completely allocated, the Customer’s Balance at the bottom will read $0.00. If the payment amount exceeds the amount applied to debit transactions, this will automatically create an open credit transaction with the remaining available balance.

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