Cohub uses various scanning tools to help determine whether or not you should take a closer look at an order before shipping it out.  Scammers are always trying to find new ways to trick online retailers, and Cohub is on the front lines of defense.

Reasons an order could be "In Review":

  • The order's customer is past due.
  • The order's customer has previously placed a fraudulent order.
  • The "Fraud Profile" score is higher than your company risk limit.
  • The order has an email address from a free email domain (i.e.,,, AND the order shipping total is higher than the order subtotal.
  • The order contains items you have marked as high risk.

On the other hand, there are attributes about some orders that Cohub deem as trustworthy.  If you have an order that meets the following criteria, it gets an immediate pass.

Reasons an order skips "In Review":

  • The order is going to be picked up.
  • The order was placed by an employee vs being placed online.

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