Sales channels control order workflow by limiting items to specific lanes (channels). These channels determine who can interact with the items, how orders can be placed, from where they should be fulfilled, and how payments are handled.  

How are items, orders, and locations affected by sales channels?

To be sellable, items must be assigned to one or more specific sales channels.

Orders also require a sales channel designation. But, unlike items, they can be assigned to only one channel.

Locations are typically assigned to certain sales channels to determine what items can be fulfilled from and sold at that location. A location may not require a sales channel if it's only used to house inventory, but most of the time a location will need at least one sales channel.

What are the specific sales channels?

Cohub’s sales channels are Retail, Ecommerce, Wholesale, Amazon, and Subscription. Most orders will be assigned one of these sales channels automatically. Orders placed through the Cohub Admin require you to select the appropriate channel for an order. 

  • Retail: Orders placed on the iPad or Desktop POS app are automatically assigned to Retail. Orders placed in the Admin can be assigned to Retail manually.
  • Ecommerce: Orders placed on your public website will automatically be assigned to the Ecommerce channel. To place an Ecommerce order through the Admin, simply select “Ecommerce” when creating the order.
  • Wholesale: When a wholesale customer places an order on your public website, their order is automatically assigned as Wholesale. Depending on how your site is coded, they will be able to see and buy both wholesale items and non-wholesale items. Regardless of the sales channel for any item the wholesale customer buys, the order will always be designated as a Wholesale order.  To place a Wholesale order through the Admin, simply select “Wholesale” when creating the order.
  • Amazon: If your store is setup to accept orders from, orders originating from Amazon are assigned to the Amazon sales channel.
  • Subscription: Orders that are placed via a subscription are automatically assigned to the Subscription sales channel.

How do I use sales channels?


Cohub automatically assigns a channel to orders placed through retail applications, your ecommerce store, an Amazon store, and via subscriptions. 

For any orders placed through the Cohub Admin, you will be prompted to select the appropriate sales channel whenever you start an order.


The items screen shows which channel an item is assigned.

To change the channel assignment, simply edit the item.


To see which channels are assigned to a location, click the Settings icon in the upper right of the screen and select “Locations”.

Edit a location and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on a sales channel to enable or disable it for the location. 

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