If you are having trouble printing or connecting to your receipt printer with your iPad please try the steps below one at a time: 

Basic Troubleshooting:

  • Go to www.cohub.com from a browser on the iPad to ensure internet connectivity. 
  • Make sure the receipt printer's power cable is securely connected and a roll of paper is in the printer.
  • Print a test page from the printer to see the IP address. Sometimes getting the printer to print anything will get the ball rolling. 
  • Under the Hardware section of the POS menu ensure the correct receipt printer is selected.

Advanced Troubleshooting:

  • Turn iPad Wi-Fi off and then on again. 
  • Turn iPad completely off. Wait 15 seconds. Power back on.
  • Turn receipt printer off. Unplug all cables. Wait 15 seconds. Plug all cables back in. Turn receipt printer back on.
  • Make sure your iPad is connected to the Wi-Fi network. 
  • If your receipt printer is connected via ethernet make sure the ethernet cable is securely connected to the printer and to the router.
  • Make sure the iPad and receipt printer are connected to the same network.
  • If the printer cannot be found under the Hardware section this could point to a possible network issue (see article on network issues)

As an absolute last resort, turn the Wi-Fi router power off and back on. You may need to check with your network administrator before attempting this, as it will disrupt all network connections (internet, printer connections, VOIP phones, etc...).

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