Scan your item's barcode with a Socket Mobile scanner or the camera on your phone.  1 scan = quantity 1, 2 scans = quantity 2, and so on.

Using Your Device's Camera

To scan using the camera on your phone, select start scanning at the onset, or tap the icon in the lower right to scan additional items after you've begun.

When scanning with your phone's camera, it will register as soon as the barcode is detected clearly in the frame provided, and add 1) to the count for that item.

There is also a batch scanning mode, where you can scan multiple barcodes at one time (without having to hit the button to open the camera for each one). You access this feature by tapping the icon in the upper right hand corner when the camera is active.

Using a Bluetooth Scanner (currently iPhone only)

To scan using your Bluetooth scanner, begin by connecting it to your device (instructions on how to connect a Socket Mobile scanner can be found here). After you ensure it's connected in your device's bluetooth settings, open the Cohub Inventory app, tap the icon in the top left corner, choose "Connect Scanner" and verify that your scanner appears in the "Currently Connected" list. Then scan away!

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