Google's reCaptcha is an excellent resource when it comes to securing your e-commerce forms -- including custom forms, blog comments, and mailing list forms. reCaptcha prevents bots from generating thousands of unwanted signups. The developer docs provide information on how to get started.

Once you've signed up for a reCaptcha, you'll be given a site-key and a secret-key.

In Cohub, open up the Edit page for your Store.

On the right side, you'll see the reCaptcha section. Enable reCaptcha and copy and paste your site-key and secret-key into their respective fields.

After saving your keys, open up your theme and any theme files where your form(s) exists. If you've used a snippet to create this form, you'll only have to make this change once!

The changes to your form will depend on the type of reCaptcha you selected from Google.

For reCaptcha V2, follow these instructions.

For Invisible reCaptcha, follow these instructions.

If you chose to use the Invisible reCaptcha, you'll need to supply a callback function that submits the mailing list form.

Your function should be added to one of your javascript asset files and should look something like this:

function emailSignUp() {

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