To offer real-time shipping rates to Customers and see your Package shipping costs, you need to set up Carrier Accounts in Cohub. Your carrier account credentials should be set up in Carrier Account settings. A variety of carriers are supported including USPS, Fedex, UPS, DHL, Canada Post, Royal Mail, and many more.  

Each carrier has slightly different credential requirements that need to be entered in order for Cohub to extend your negotiated rates. If you don't see your carrier listed below and need help finding what you need, contact us for support.

Setting up Fedex:

There are 2 steps to being able to retrieve Fedex shipping rates and print labels: Retrieving Production API credentials and Label Certification. 

Retrieving Production API Credentials: Cohub needs 4 credentials to set up your Fedex rates. To find these credentials, log into your Fedex account at the Fedex developer Resource Center:

  • Production Account Number. Your Fedex account number.
  • Production Meter Number. The identification number Fedex uses to pull your rates.   
  • Production Access Key. The string that allows Cohub to access your Fedex rates via the API.
  • Production Access Key Password. The verification key that ensures you have access to your account.

The meter number, access key, and access key password are accessible in various places. The Meter Number and Production Access Key will be available in Fedex's "Move to Production" section, but the Access Key Password is emailed to you. Once you get your credentials, keep them in a safe place! They aren't easy to retrieve. To enter them in Cohub, navigate to the Carrier Accounts section of the Settings menu, click the green Setup button on Fedex from the list, and enter your credentials in the form:

Label Certification:

Once you have successfully retrieved your Production API credentials, you must apply with Fedex to have your labels certified. To apply, contact Fedex at 877-339-2774, with your Fedex account number handy, and let them know you are applying to have your labels certified. They will review your account and contact you within 3 business days with approval.  


Setting up UPS:

To set up your UPS rates in Cohub, click the green "Setup" button by the UPS icon in the list of Carrier Accounts.

Enter your UPS shipping account number (6 digits), your User ID, and your password.  

We'll also need your UPS Access License Key, which is obtained from the UPS Developer Kit website. Log in there, and click "Request Access Key" in the Getting Started section:

On the next page, you'll be asked to verify your account information.  

After you've verified your account information, click "Request Access Key" at the bottom of the page.

On the next page, you will be presented with your Access Key. It will also be emailed to the email address on file.  

Enter your Access Key in Cohub, and you'll be ready to receive UPS rates and purchase UPS labels.


Setting up other carriers:

For assistance setting up other carriers, please contact us using the chat icon below, or by email at  

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