A customer is any person or business that purchases product from your company.


id - Integer - Unique id for the customer

first_name - String - Customer's first name

last_name - String - Customer's last name

name - String - Combination of the first and last name

email - String - Email address

gravatar_url - String - URL to the customer's avatar

marketing_allowed  - Boolean - Indicates if customer wants to receive marketing emails

phone_number - String - Customer's phone number

past_due - Boolean - Indicates customer has a past due account balance

past_due_since - String - Date the account became past due

gsa? - Boolean - Indicates if the customer is eligible for GSA pricing

credit_cards - [CreditCard] - Array of credit cards that have been saved to the customer's account

orders - [SalesOrder] - Array of orders that have been placed by the customer in the past

addresses - [Address] - Array of addresses that have been saved to the customer's account

additional_email_addresses - [AdditionalEmailAddress] - Array of additional email addresses saved to the customer's account

last_ordered - String - Date the customer last placed an order

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