A package represents a box with a shipping label on it. Each shipment object can have many packages, each package with its own tracking code.


id - Integer - Unique id of the package

carrier - String - The carrier being used to deliver the package

service - String - The service level used for delivery i.e. Ground

tracking_code - String - The code used to track the delivery of the package

weight - Decimal - The weight of the package in LBS.

tracking_link - String - URL to track the delivery status of the package

eel_pfc - String - EEL of PFC -- Custom's identification for this package

customs_signer - String - User who shipped the package

contents_type - String - One of:  merchandise, returned_goods, documents, gift, sample, other

contents_explanation - String - If other is the value of the contents_type property, this field is used to describe what the package contains

restriction_type - String - One of: none, other, quarantine, sanitary_phytosanitary_inspection

restriction_comments - String - If other is the value of the restriction_type property, this field is used to describe the restriction

customs_items - [CustomsItem] - Array of CustomsItem objects that are associated with this package

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